Praise & Reviews
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Dana helped me get interviews from 90% of the resumes I submitted. And when the offers came in, her coaching was essential in guiding me through the process and negotiating with confidence. She is genuinely committed to seeing that my credentials and contributions get the recognition they deserve. And she is right, if you ask, you do get more than you expect!

- Barbara B., Senior MSL


(Working with Dana) is the best thing I have done in 30 years of business.
– Marya

Dana does for your life goals what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness.

– Alvin
Health Care Professional, Real Estate Investor

Dana is highly competent and trustworthy. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs any kind of guidance on career growth.​

Director Social Work, New York University (NYU)

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my career, but I knew I wanted a change. Dana helped me get clear about what I wanted to do and helped me start my own business.​

– David P.
Tenured professor who now owns his own business​

I came to Dana several months back to look for help with moving my career forward and finding a new job that would be a great for me. Dana worked with me to put a plan together, update my resume/LinkedIn to better suit my needs and utilize my network. She not only thought I could find a job in about 3 months, but it happened! I recommend Dana for anyone needing help with their career. She was always quick to respond to my questions and was extremely knowledgeable on handling different situations. Thank you again, Dana, for pushing me to the next level!

- Bruce D., PR Executive

Dana has been in this industry for a long time. She understands people and the market place. Her track record speaks for itself. I wish I would have made the decision 10 years ago.

- Tucker F., Sales VP

Dana keeps me on track, focused and moving forward with the important, effective steps by cutting through the noise with her insight and wisdom.

- Jeff C., Owner Environmental Consulting

Dana delivers exceptional Life Coaching Skills which are easily integrated into your everyday life. I have experienced "big life changes" in a short period of time working with Dana. I highly recommend her!

- Rubin S., Sr. VP Sales and Marketing Consulting

My husband and I have had several sessions so far with Dana and learned a lot about ourselves. Dana's work is so much more than just helping you with your next career or job. She truly cares about helping you be your best self. I'm excited about what my husband and I will be accomplishing with her.

- Patricia D., RN

Dana is a great career coach & consultant. She’s focused, results driven and specific with her feedback and advice. I am very happy to have found her and for all the help I’ve received from her. She is always reachable via email or phone, and Skype for clients that can’t come to her office.

- Dr. Merari, DVM

I’m seeing very quick results and am very confident this is going to help my business grow and be more profitable – SO WORTH the time! Plus, Dana’s really fun to be around!

- Suzanne M., Graphic Artist

She really listened to what I needed and provided those services–not a scripted list.

- Tara H., IT Specialist

I have been very impressed with her. Her process, knowledge and experience has already been of great value to me. I’ve learned a lot in just a couple of sessions. I’m very excited to see the direction this will go over the next few months with her guidance!

- Lance T., Sales and Marketing Director