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This digital training is for executives who want to increase their Income, Inclusion, and Influence®  Is this you?

You’d like to boost your leadership development and you want an affordable, prestigious way to do it on your own schedule.

You find yourself wasting valuable time on busy-work and meetings but aren’t sure how to get out from under the pressures at work.

You daydream about spending more time with your loved ones or having free time for an exciting, new project. But being in charge at work means you’re just swamped.

You know your perfectionism may be holding you back at this stage of your career but you still struggle with negative self-talk and the Imposter Syndrome.

You see your colleagues building their personal brand online or in a business, but aren’t quite sure how to create your own executive brand, or why it even matters.

You want to make a better impression at interviews, presentations, or important client or board meetings. But you know you need more confidence. You feel awkward or that you’re different from the other people in the room.

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Transformative is the word I would use to describe Dana’s program. The training gave me energy and inspired me to dig deeper. I feel more empowered than ever to make changes in my career path and I finally got started!

Cynthia G., Program Manager

Transformative is the word I would use to describe Dana’s program. The training gave me energy and inspired me to dig deeper. I feel more empowered than ever to make changes in my career path and I finally got started!

Cynthia G., Program Manager
Headshot of Cynthia

Want to Grow Your Natural Leadership?

This 6-session video series shows you, step-by-step, how to boost your productivity without struggling to do more. 

You can expect these results and more:

Headshot of Wendy, client of career coach Dana Mayer

Dana’s program helped me to really think through my brand and how best to present myself. The program provided me with valuable tools that I will carry with me for a lifetime.

Wendy S., VP Operational Effectiveness

Dana’s program helped me to really think through my brand and how best to present myself. The program provided me with valuable tools that I will carry with me for a lifetime.

Wendy S., VP Operational Effectiveness
Headshot of Wendy, client of career coach Dana Mayer

What's Included

Dana Mayer, your 5-Star Master Coach, and Performance Coach, Dr. Staci Stanfield give you six power-packed training sessions. And coaching by email!

You Get Six Leadership Training Videos:

  1. Improving Your Mindset with Wealth Consciousness
  2. Setting and Achieving Better Goals Faster
  3. Part I: Executive Branding: Understanding your assessment results
  4. Part II. Executive Branding: Impact
  5. Increasing Your Executive Presence
  6. Getting to a Deeper YES!
Dana Mayer wearing black with red scarf
Leadership Expert, Dana Mayer
Dr. Staci Stanfield
Communications Expert, Dr. Staci Stanfield

Also Included Are All Your Online, Fast Track–Fast Results, Digital Materials. The leadership training content is specifically designed for professionals who look to keep moving up, launch highly-profitable businesses, and get recognized in their field. Tools include beautifully designed checklists, workbooks, assessments, and step-by-step instructions. $1,900 Value

Email support for 60-days. Get your questions answered and the support you need by email. You’ll have 60 days to practice your skills and get feedback from us!  $900 Value

Respected Credentials. With this proven training, you’ll getting the same dynamic material Dana used in her graduate-level courses at Notre Dame of Maryland. You can list that you completed Inside/Out Leadership Training on your resume and LinkedIn profile.


Bonus #1 – $600 worth of Leadership Assessments. You’ll get TWO cutting-edge, research-based assessments.
  • The 12 Leadership Competencies  which identifies research from Fortune 500 Boards about the skills directors want most in CXO candidates.
  • Branding with Archetypes®
iPad with survey and check boxes
Bonus #2 – A FREE 7th Training Unit! $250 Value Dealing with Power at Work: How to Short Circuit Micro-Aggression and Fear of Change. This science-based training shows you the predictable negative behaviors you can expect whenever leaders introduce change. Dana will share with you exactly how people’s brains work when it comes to threat and what you can do to sidestep it. You’ll see the same talk she’s given as a keynote speaker at prestigious executive events.


After you make your payment using the PayPal button below, you’ll receive a link to my Client Center and the password to access the 7 video trainings and ALL of the digital materials.

The program is self-paced. I recommend listening to one unit each week for seven weeks, but you can log on whenever you want and do it at your own speed.

If you have ANY questions or concerns refer to the FAQ section or feel free to message me, personally, or call the office.

Let’s increase your income, impact and influence!

Let’s increase your Income Impact & Influence®

For a limited time you can get all this for just $150 a month.

Payment Options

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

There are seven hours of video. The assignments take about another five hours.

Your email support is for 60 days which is about how long most people take to complete the training. Many of Dana’s clients take the live version of this program for $4,000, and often they choose to re-enroll for another round as there is always more to learn from her as they grow and thrive in their careers.

We’ll be sure to let you know about enrollment specials in 2020. In the meantime, we encourage you to use all of the group calls with Dana, the private coaching with her master coaches, the online training, and the accountability check-ins to get the most out of Dana, the coaching team, and the community of high-performing clients.

For 60 days after you make your payment for Inside/Out Leadership, you may email your questions to [email protected]. Dana will answer you personally with in two business days.

There are three ways we can say with confidence that you can get an ROI.

1. One Raise. One Client. One Promotion. If you’re going to work for 10 or more years, you can earn much more than you are now if you level-up your mastery of executive presence, wealth consciousness, and influencing others. Inside Out Leadership gives you a way to create your own personal leadership development plan that moves you quickly to the next level and boosts in your income.

Your leadership development strategy will not be what your boss wants you to do, not what HR writes in your performance review, not what you read online about making more money in your business. It will be a custom strategy, based on your big goals, your honest self-awareness, and our powerful, proven systems. We work with you to create income streams that you will enjoy for years to come.

All it takes is one raise, one promotion or one client to more than cover the cost of enrollment.

2. Cool Unpredictable Things. Call it synchronicity, call it leveling–up, connecting with your Higher Power or God acting in your life, but once you have the courage to step up your game, amazing shifts start to happen. You get invited to speak. You get a request for an interview. You get asked to serve on a high-profile board. You attract higher performing team members so you can step back at work and focus on what matters to you, instead of the daily grind.

It’s the power of launching one thing that leads to you getting other, unexpected things. For example, when Dana finishes a private, VIP Immersion Program, she always asks clients to add up the value of what they received over the course of three months. They usually put the value of her mentoring, training, and coaching at four to five times what they paid for it. But the amount they say most often is what is impressive.

They say the program is “priceless.”

When it comes to evaluating the new confidence, connections, skills, and ideas, participants find the results beneficial in ways they could not have imagined and cannot put a price tag on. 

Now you can learn the same systems Dana teaches in her private, in-person VIP program in an online, digital format. And for just hundreds, not thousands of dollars.

3. Igniting Your Authentic Personal Brand. Positioning your leadership in ways that are natural and comfortable, and building your Social Reputation has a huge return. You can pay tens of thousands of dollars to a marketing or PR firm to define your personal brand. In Inside/Out Leadership you get a done-for-you and dynamic personal branding plan, PLUS a team of experts to demonstrate how to apply it to your LinkedIn profile, website, and other applications. More importantly, you start showing authentic parts of yourself day-to-day in ways that attract people to you who get you and support you. You’re not hunting for new business or the right person to hire, you’re not chasing that next promotion. It comes to you. Your branding can create a pipeline of leads and job offers.

Becoming a leader is not about learning to become more like Sir Richard Branson or Oprah Winfrey. Becoming a leader is about becoming more yourself.

Whatever your big dream is, you’re just a few months of coaching away from making it a reality. And that’s because we are not talking about hype here. What we teach works and has worked for over 3,000 clients.

You become more. More the part of yourself that’s an expert. More the part of you that cares deeply about making a difference in the world. The part of you that sees what’s wrong or how people or systems are broken and how you can make things better.

Leadership is about honoring the part of you that longs for the best status symbol of all—TIME FREEDOM. Freedom to spend more time with your loved ones. Freedom to support causes you believe in. Freedom to travel.  Freedom to pay off your bills and enjoy the certainty of ownership. Freedom from the 60 hour work week and golden handcuffs.

Yes, if what you want is more freedom and less complexity. Leadership is about setting priorities so you work smarter not harder. We recommend that you prioritize taking advantage of the benefits of the program so that you’re always on track, feel supported, and have accountability and focus on a clear implementation plan that allows you to enjoy your career.

Whatever your job title, you are a leader in your own life. Whether it is at church, in your community, or with your loved ones, you lead. It’s best for people who have basic self-awareness from personality assessments, feedback, and self-reflection. This can come from coaching, reading, performance reviews, and classes.

As an executive and business coach, Dana works most often with women who are self-employed and both men and women with five or more years of experience.

As you’ve probably heard her say, but bears repeating: coaching is not counseling. If you take any type of prescription medication for mental health challenges, we require you discuss the program with your health care provider to be sure it supports your treatment program. We work in concert with many psychiatrists and therapists to support stress management, anxiety, and transition adjustment, including situational depression. Check with your provider to see what’s best for you.

This is the only program specifically supporting you to implement Branding with Archetypes®, your Work Wins, and your power statement* into your career, and into how you lead your team and customers. Yes, there are many programs that help you identify and know your personality type, your passions, purpose, and maybe even help you make a development plan. But none that we know of support you in implementing them.

Knowing is not doing. Programs don’t create leaders, experiences do. This is a “done-WITH-you” program with generous online coaching so you are successful.

This is a perfect hybrid of mentoring and training with Dana, plus personalized email accountability that is unheard of and unmatched at getting you results. No other mentor has 18 years of experience in nearly every C-suite of the Fortune 100.

No other coaching team combines expertise in creating small business marketing content that converts, executive hiring materials that land jobs that fit, and promotions that pay. And no two women have overcome such unimaginable odds to transform their own careers into their dream business and recreate spiritually fulfilling work as Dr. Stanfield and Dana Mayer.

You don’t have to go it alone. You deserve to have more income and respect.

We care about your next big win. We are your success champions.

Power Statement = Life Purpose Statement, Mission, Vision Statement, Passions, “I am…” statements.

Dana devotes her time and energy toward invitation-only VIP immersions and group coaching. This means she only works with a few private clients one-on-one and a Mastermind group on Thursdays.

If you’d like to be considered for a VIP immersion, email Dana for details at [email protected]

The group coaching, Mastering Success is available for $334/month.* And, if you take the Inside/Out Leadership training, you can get a slot in this invitation-only group and can apply what you paid as your first monthly payment for Mastering Success!

Enrollment is by phone call so we can be sure to apply your payment and ensure that you are a good fit with the program. Schedule here.

We promise you will find the conversation easy and illuminating.You will get value from it in an ah-ha, insight, and next steps—regardless of your final decision about joining the class. We are coaches and advisors, not sales people, who believe in creating an environment of mutual respect and appreciation.

* Payment is in full and in advance for this payment option. You may also pay as you go for $500 a month.

Your $499 investment is less than many online leadership courses and they do not offer beautifully designed materials, workbooks, and generous email coaching as part of the program. Dana prides herself in offering programs that over-deliver on support, training, and accountability. Her 5-star reviews show clients are delighted with the bonuses and coaching they receive for their investment.

Enroll here in Inside/Out Leadership. If you’re ready to claim the next level in your career or business so you can experience real freedom and make a difference, click to apply.

Some industry-specific peer groups meet for free in an internet forum like Fizzle.co or discussion groups on LinkedIn or Redditt. The group may or may not formally be called a “mastermind” group and usually does not meet at specific times. Other groups are intentionally formed and have lengthy applications and requirements.

Most business mastermind groups and executive mastermind coaching groups meet for one year. The costs range from $2,500 to $40,000. On the high-end, the group usually meets in-person. Lunch or dinner is included, along with an exclusive, annual weekend event.

Other factors influencing the price include who participates and who leads the group. Mastermind groups are generally either peer or guru led. The more experienced, famous, or well recognized your “guru” coach and the higher ranking the job titles are of peers—the more it costs. For example, a group for managers generally costs less than a group for CEOs.

Paid groups have proven to produce better results for participants. It’s a well-known phenomenon that we perceive something we’ve paid for as more valuable than the same thing acquired for free. Mastermind group members who pay for the group find themselves much more motivated in the group. The fee is a tool to keep people engaged and committed.

Dana’s Mastering Success mastermind group is blend of these factors.

  • The group is for professionals with five or more years of experience. It includes a mix of business owners, CXOs, VPs, and senior managers.
  • The group meets by phone. We do not meet in person.
  • It is both a guru and peer group. Dana Mayer leads the group and other well-known experts join the calls. Some participants will just listen-in as they want to keep their high-level job searches confidential. But there are always a few peers who will share their experience.
  • There is no lengthy application. While the group is by invitation only, it takes just a quick call with Dana to be sure your experience level and goals fit the group. Find out more about the Mastering Success program.
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