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Stop Waiting on Luck in Your Job Search

It often seems like it’s luck, but it’s usually relationships that make you fortunate enough to land an interview or land a big client.

Many job seekers I talk with resent being passed over for a good job for someone who “knew someone.” They want candidates to be selected by merit alone and are often frustrated that their stellar credentials were overlooked for someone with an inside track.

But it is human nature to rely on word of mouth because we all want to do business with people we can count on not to let us down. Think about how you rely on online reviews to make your choices about where to eat or what coach to hire. When you see a friend has left a favorable review for a restaurant, wouldn’t you be more likely to try it?

It’s not about making thousands of connections on social media–it’s about having connections who trust you and relay that sense of trust when they refer you to a decision maker.

The commitment to hire someone is a significant investment for an organization. Not just in the salary costs, but benefits, training, resources, and most important to the hiring manager–their reputation. They don’t want to hire someone who makes them look bad by leaving or underperforming. It reflects poor decision-making on their part.

Everything you want in life comes to you through other people. Yes, hard work counts, but hard work alone won’t get you where you want to go.

Developing an energized network of people who “get” you is a skill top candidates use throughout their careers, not just when they need something, like a better job.

But many people have relied on hard work and long hours to get ahead and didn’t take the time to develop a strong network. Or maybe you did keep in touch with your network. What’s the best way to reach out?

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