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Networking for Women Who Don't Waste Time

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Networking for Women Who Don't Waste Time

Founders, VPs, Directors, Project Managers: This Group is for YOU if…

  • You want to co-mentor and level up. You are 6x more likely to be promoted to a leadership role if you co-mentor.* And female founders make 2x more money with mentoring or business coaching. 
  • You want to practice voicing your value and expanding your leadership skillset in a safe environment with supportive feedback.
  • You’re looking for more connection in your life—connection with yourself and with others.
  • You long for clarity and meaning as you transition to a new role or face unexpected challenges.
  • You’d make a good co-mentor or coach for other high-achieving women.
  • And you’d like to be supported by diverse co-mentors in reciprocal relationships, not a hierarchical ones. No gurus or Queen Bees here!
  • You’d like to continue 1-on-1 coaching with me, Dana Mayer. 
Dana and the HSN Group
Although Dana could help almost anyone from middle-management professional to C Suite, I highly recommend her for other professional women. Navigating professional spaces and workplace conversations as a woman brings its own unique challenges and Dana was able to use her experience and insight to coach me through some of those situations. She is a wonderful mentor and advocate for other professional women, and I am grateful to have met her and been her client.
Ashley S.
NY Council

Mastermind Mentoring and Coaching Is the Proven Way to Level Up

There is no better investment you can make for your career than to stop going it alone and grinding it out.

98% of the women in my 2021 groups landed a new role, a new job, a pay increase, or new contract for their business.

My unique matching and facilitation process makes the group dynamic authentic, not forced. It pairs you with like-minded achievers. And with early registration, you also get private coaching with me as a bonus.

How It Works: Networking with Intention

Using Mastermind-Matching, my exclusive screening formula for success, I’ll personally match you with three or four other high achievers from non-competing organizations. This will put you in a group devoted to your success.

  • Identify and magnify your strategic advantage
  • Make better decisions
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Hold you accountable to your goals
  • Challenge your assumptions
  • Connect you to new networks
  • Keep you relevant
  • Develop relationships with trusted advisors, mentors, role models, or friends

And I’ll be there facilitating and mentoring, holding you accountable, and surfacing new ideas by master-minding solutions to your newest challenges.

The monthly Zoom calls follow my format, Masterminding Your Future, applying design thinking and your strategic advantage as we brainstorm about your career moves.

  • You’ll join us by video call once a month for a year (12 months). Groups start in September or October on Tuesdays or Thursdays for 90 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Participation is by invitation only. Get invited here.
  • If you’ve already been in a group with me before or already have an email invitation, schedule your enrollment/registration call now. This year, the call will include free GOAL SETTING for 2023 and a personal branding assessment or assessment update/makeover.

Spots are limited. This is not marketing hype. My mastermind groups really do sell out every year. Enrollment is limited to four people a group. I only run a few, exclusive groups so don’t wait! The interest is high this year, with two groups filling before I launched these BONUSES.

Early registration* includes 3 AMAZING BONUSES

*By midnight, Saturday, August 27

Bonus #1 Private Coaching

[Tap for Details]

$14,400 VALUE

A year (12 months) of 1-on-1 coaching. You meet by video or phone with me, Dana. You're never farmed out to a contract coach. Get up to three sessions a month, a $14,400 value!

Bonus #2 Mastermind Matching Session

[Tap for Details]

$700 VALUE

In this goal-setting strategy call we will use human insight and assessment data to match you with the best group for you and your career. Mastermind-Matching uses unique screening for human connection. You are not randomly assigned to a group. Instead, we match you to the best group of amazing businesswomen, all fire starters, all committed to mutual success--yours and theirs.

Personal Branding Makeover

[Tap for Details]

$700 VALUE

Digital training showing you how to voice your value, build your credibility, and instantly help other people get to know the professional parts of you that make them want more!You get two videos, a personal assessment, and a beautiful workbook with checklists and templates. Your branding assessment will also be used to place in you in a compatible mastermind group.

Have you already taken my Branding training? Great! You get a free makeover to upgrade how you’re using your archetype on social and in your online content and materials. $700 if sold separately

All of these amazing bonuses are yours if you jump on a call with me and see if an exclusive Mastermind Group is right for you.

Jump on a call now, even if you’re not ready to register. The goal-setting and assessments are yours to keep at no obligation

Wendy Sherrock Mastermind Group Member
Wendy Sherrock, VP
Member of Dana’s Mastermind Groups 2021-22

Wendy Shares What Helped Her Get The Most From Mastermind Mentoring

You will get out of the group what you put into it. Don’t rely on someone else to create your result.

Before each meeting, prepare a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Results-oriented, Timely) goal. Then ask the group to hold you accountable for achieving it.

“I’m looking for a new job,” is not a SMART goal. This is: “Talk with 5 senior leaders in Miami tech companies, by Friday.”

Likewise, make your requests and questions specific. “Can you help me find a job as a CFO?” is not as powerful as, “Who do you know in a biotech company that I can talk with about their financial leadership challenges?”

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