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The best thing I have done in 30 years of business.

Marya F., President/CEO

Dana does for your life goals what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness.

Alvin E., Health Care Professional, Real Estate Investor

Dana is highly competent and trustworthy. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs any kind of guidance on career growth.​

Ashley S., formerly a Director at NYU, now has her own practice

Voted #1 Coach in Florida 2 Years in a Row

Dana was a great asset to my professional life. She always challenged me and took me out of my comfort zone (which is exactly what I needed). She is a great listener and very thoughtful and thorough in her responses. I highly recommend her!

Tripp W., Strategist to CEO
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Headshot of Stacy, coaching client of Dana Mayer

Dana is clear, concise, and professional in all of her communication. She is nearly immediately responsive to emails and lays things out in a format that helps you face and accomplish career goals.

Stacy R., Senior HR VP

Dana keeps me on track, focused and moving forward with the important, effective steps by cutting through the noise with her insights and wisdom.

Jeff C., CEO & Owner Environmental Consulting
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Dana really listened to what I needed and delivered a custom service–not a scripted list or cookie cutter session.

Tara H., IT Specialist

Dana is a great career coach and consultant. She is focused, results driven, and specific with her feedback and advice. I have a new job now and I’m very happy to have found her and all for the help I received from her. 

Dr. Merari, Veteranarian
Dr. Merari, Vet

I’m seeing very quick results and am very confident this is going to help my business grow and be more profitable – SO WORTH the time! Plus, Dana’s really fun to be around!​

Suzanne M., Graphic Artist

I have been very impressed with her. Her process, knowledge and experience has already been of great value to me. I’ve learned a lot in just a couple of sessions. I’m very excited to see the direction this will go over the next few months with her guidance!​

Lance T., Sales & Marketing Director
Headshot of Lance, client of Dana Mayer

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