Career Success Package

Fast Track Training, Coaching, & Consulting

The Career Success Package includes private, personalized sessions online, PLUS powerful digital training, and email support. We will develop strategies for:

  • Landing you $6 and $7-figure jobs faster 
  • Getting you to $6 and $7-figures with your business income without running up your credit cards or working 24/7
  • Career transition decision support: figuring out your purpose or direction; determining exactly what you want to do next; planning how to leave your current job; evaluating the best way to start, grow, or sell your business; getting promoted faster; dealing with difficult team members; restoring your confidence
  • Building traction with your leadership and work performance
  • Setting better goals and reaching them faster
  • Shaping a life with more meaning, satisfaction, and passion

What's Included in the Career Success Package ($8,200 Value)

In your Career Success Coaching Program, I will take you through, at your own pace, step-by-step systems which address the two most crucial elements in achieving results – the Training and Ontological components.

You’ll get access to the latest training and facilitation tools for developing a winning resume and branded LinkedIn profile. Most career services create hiring materials that reflect your personality and get you SEO. Your Career Success Package is no different, although we like to think we offer the best, pro-level resume writing, interview preparation, and negotiating skills. But we also offer something more that you won’t find with other career coaching services.

You’ll get the ontological component for career success. We don’t just write you a resume and send you on your way. During your sessions, we will identify and remove your sabotaging and limiting factors, both in the environment (e.g., market changes) and in your mindset–conscious or subconscious. This is so you can understand and remove barriers to your success and make a smooth career transition.

  • 3 Sessions with Master Coach, Dana Mayer. Phone or video call—45 minutes each ($1,500 value) 
  • Professional, proprietary evaluation AND training for your personal branding, your job search hiring materials, website, presentations, and social assets. ($1,900 value)
  • LinkedIn Training to attract hiring managers and clients, and to build your brand ($499 value)
  • Unlimited email for questions, good news, resume, cover letter, and presentation editing and proofreading (approx. $1,900 value)
  • Psychometrics and media evaluations. Validation of the most popular personality assessment tools used by 70% of hiring managers. Photo testing to determine photo choices with highest appeal. ($1,400 value)
  • Instant access to digital downloads. Powerful online video training, beautifully designed checklists, templates, and workbooks and much, much more.

Package renews automatically every 30 days. Cancel any time with 30-day notice.

Payment required in full, in advance, and is nonrefundable.

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