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Featured Testimonials

"Dana is clear, concise, and professional in all of her communication. She is nearly immediately responsive to emails and lays things out in a format that helps you face and accomplish career goals."
Stacy R.
Senior HR VP
"I came to Dana for help moving my career forward. Dana worked with me to put a plan together, update my resume/LinkedIn to better suit my needs and utilize my network. She not only thought I could find a job in about 3 months, but it happened! I recommend Dana for anyone needing help with their career."
Bruce D.
PR Executive
"Dana delivers exceptional Life Coaching Skills which are easily integrated into your everyday life. I have experienced "big life changes" in a short period of time working with Dana. I highly recommend her!"
Rubin S.
Sr. Sales and Marketing Consulting
"Dana keeps me on track, focused and moving forward with the important, effective steps by cutting through the noise with her insight and wisdom."
Jeff C.
Owner, Environmental Consulting
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