Magnify Your Natural Advantages: A Fast, Easy Way to Develop Unshakable Confidence

BY DANA MAYER STOP the negative self-talk. It’s easy to be hard on yourself. But I haven’t met one person who doesn’t have unique gifts and talents. It’s hard to fix weaknesses. It is easier to lean into your strengths. START by uncovering your natural strengths. If you want an unshakeable self-image and self-belief, start by remembering what gives you

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Stop Waiting on Luck in Your Job Search

It often seems like it’s luck, but it’s usually relationships that make you fortunate enough to land an interview or land a big client. Many job seekers I talk with resent being passed over for a good job for someone who “knew someone.” They want candidates to be selected by merit alone and are often frustrated that their stellar credentials

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Reducing the Costs of Job Hunting

Job hunting can be a very stressful endeavor. Not only is looking for a new job a time full of uncertainties and unknowns, it can also be a time when money is tight. Job hunting isn’t as cheap as it used to be, and you can quickly rack up expenses searching for a new job in 2019. The good news

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Is Your Profile Photo Working for You? Get Unbiased Feedback

Is Your Profile Photo Working for You? Get Unbiased Feedback Research shows that the kind of smile you use in your profile photo matters. I just ran my LinkedIn photo through algorithms to evaluate how credible I seem as a business person. The results (above) show my photo as  “higher than average” as Competent and Influential and just “average” on

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6 Factors to Land Your Dream Job

6 Points You Must Cover to Land an Your Dream Job STOP talking about what tasks you performed.START talking about impact. I say this in coaching sessions every day. Why? Because every day candidates show me resumes that are position descriptions, not resumes: “managed volunteers; solicited bids; developed and monitored budgets…” And everyday hiring managers tell me they’re looking for the candidates to

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Spring into Your Next Big Thing

Spring is the season for do-overs. It’s time for new things to grow—a better job, a new team, a new garden, a new venture. Two key questions will get you ready for the next big thing in your life. And if you share your answers with me in an email, you could get a month of coaching to support your venture. Keep reading

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