Why You Shouldn’t Wear This Color to Work or on a First Date

Attraction can be mysterious. What makes us prefer one person to another? While you can’t reduce it to just one thing, you can avoid the known turn-offs for important first impressions like an interview. Wearing the color red can work against you. According to a new study by the Journal of Experimental Psychology men wearing red tiggers avoidance behavior in women in

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Bad habits for an executive resume (text crossed out with red X.

Keep Your Executive Resume From Being Deleted

Top 10 Phrases to DUMP and What to Say Instead
Year end is a good time to update your executive resume, even if you’re not looking for a job. Deleting clichés and overused phrases is a quick way to freshen up your resume. Start by getting rid of the bloat and showing you’re not a relic from the past.

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Skills or Habits—What’s The Best Way to Level Up?

What is most important when hiring an executive; their knowledge, attitude, skills, or habits? When I was in my 20s and a newly appointed VP, Marshall Goldsmith asked me that question during a management training. I replied smugly, “Attitude.” I say smugly because everyone else at the training was at least two decades older than me and I believed Marshall

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This is Why When It Comes to Landing Your Dream Job, Mother Knows Best

Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels |  Remember the times when your mother corrected you about your manners, or told you to follow your heart, or reminded you to wait your turn to speak? It turns out her hard work will benefit you well-beyond childhood. When it comes to up-leveling and nailing an interview, your mother truly knew best. Mind your manners Let’s face it,

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Taking a Sabbatical from Work: What You Need to Know

BY EVA BENOIT evabenoit.com Taking a Sabbatical from Work: What You Need to Know Taking a sabbatical from work was once synonymous with university professors and researchers, but times have changed and just about anyone can take one. Some are paid and some aren’t, and the length of time can vary, but taking a break from work is a big

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