Dana Mayer

Get the money and respect you deserve with coaching and training to increase your Income, Impact & Influence®.
Clients include AAA, Burton Snowboards, DuPont, Facebook, Kaiser Permanente, Nordstrom, Novartis, Red Cross, and Yale senior managers, directors, vice presidents, business owners, and C-suite executives.
  • Earn what you’re worth and love how good it feels to be free; no longer overworking and buying into the status symbol of “busyness”
  • Have a game plan that pinpoints exactly what to do next
  • Enjoy the same proven results my other clients have; leveling up and landing faster than average
  • Cut your job search time by 50%
  • Land 19% more interviews and promotions
  • Get more money than expected for salary and promotions
  • Lead with greater confidence and skill at diffusing micro-aggression
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Executive career placement and career development.

Individualized, custom leadership and business development. Work directly with a 5-star rated, 6x certified, executive coach professional with real world experience.

Over 2,000 leaders and CXOs have hired me to advise them on successfully
navigating career transitions and developing their leadership presence,
including starting or growing their own business or landing a better paying, more
meaningful job. They earn more and land faster than average executive job
seekers. And they report that they get promoted and recognized in ways that
feel authentic and rewarding. You can, and should be one of them!

With real-world experience as an award-winning executive my coaching is not
just theoretical. I have worked on both sides of the desk. I built a successful
career in sales and marketing which led others to ask me to train and coach
their teams and later, to advise them about leadership and their businesses.
Five times certified in methodologies from DiSC to executive branding, I have
also taught leadership at the graduate school level at Notre Dame.

Watch a clip of Dana in a webinar for therapists and counselors about Mastering a Success Mindset

5 Star Reviews

- Rubin S., Sr. VP Sales and Marketing

Dana delivers exceptional [mentoring and training] which is easily integrated into your everyday life. I have experienced "big life changes" in a short period of time working with Dana. I highly recommend her!

- Jeff C., CEO, Environmental Consulting

Dana keeps me on track, focused and moving forward with the important, effective steps by cutting through the noise with her insight and wisdom.

Coaching for over a decade, with a wide range of people from around the globe, means I get to work with people of all backgrounds, not just those from mainstream culture. That experience allows me to provide a unique plan for each individual client instead of using a one size fits all approach. As a woman of Brazilian descent who is not from a mainstream background that’s pretty cool.

Schedule a free Q&A to talk with me about how I can help you level up and get the money and respect you deserve. 

*Qualifications: New clients only and 5 or more years experience

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"...the best thing I have done in 30 years of business."
Marya F.
"I came to Dana several months back to look for help with moving my career forward and finding a new job that would be a great for me. Dana worked with me to put a plan together, update my resume/LinkedIn to better suit my needs and utilize my network. She not only thought I could find a job in about 3 months, but it happened! I recommend Dana for anyone needing help with their career. She was always quick to respond to my questions and was extremely knowledgeable on handling different situations. Thank you again for pushing me to the next level!"
Bruce D.
PR Executive

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"Dana has been in this industry for a long time. She understands people and the market place. Her track record speaks for itself. I wish I would have made the decision 10 years ago."
Tucker F.
Sales VP

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"Dana is clear, concise, and professional in all of her communication. She is nearly immediately responsive to emails and lays things out in a format that helps you face and accomplish career goals."
Stacy R.
Senior HR VP

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"I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for taking me on as a client and offering the personal VIP Intensive Day. I found every minute of it valuable and helping me to align a vision of what I should be focusing on moving forward. It not only helped me with uncovering and clarifying my true passions but the immediate steps needed to move forward in my job search."
Adam R.
Senior VP and Partner

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